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亚搏体育app登录_吴金贵:黄海现在没实力踢传控 外界对土帅太苛刻
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亚搏体育app登录_吴金贵:黄海现在没实力踢传控 外界对土帅太苛刻

Source: Peninsula


Wen / Al Jazeera all media reporter Du Jincheng / He Yi, Al Jazeera all media reporter


   Shanghai man Wu Jingui picked up the coach of the "promoted Chinese Super League" Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang team. Such a fate will be impossible to imagine before the start of this s亚搏体育app登录eason. But like the unpredictable football game, some people appear suddenly, but they seem to be destined. During the more than 70 days that Suzhou was closed, Wu Jingui played many exciting games with Huanghai Qinggang and also encountered some setbacks. Now, with one week away from the team's first relegation match, Wu Jingui has already rushed to the match place with the players. Before leaving, he accepted an interview with all media on the Peninsula.






   Huanghai Qinggang, who participated in the Chinese Super League for the first time, achieved 2 wins, 4 draws and 8 losses in the first stage of the Super League, ranking 7th in the Suzhou Division. Although not particularly ideal, Huanghai Qinggang has played very amazing performances after Wu Jingui took over, such as a 1:1 draw with SIPG and a 3:3 draw with Beijing Guoan. The team also suffered a 6-game losing streak in the later period.


  Reporter: The first stage of the competition has passed. Huanghai Qinggang is ranked 7th in the Suzhou Division. The overall ranking is 14. This is a亚搏体育直播视频 ranking that has just been relegated. How do you comment?


   Wu Jingui: It should be said that it is almost as I expected. We also want to strive for a better ranking. Everyone worked hard, but from the first stage of the game, the overall strength of the team is still lagging behind other Super League teams.


  Reporter: Before taking over the team, you must have recognized this gap. Why did you take the risk to make this choice?


   Wu Jingui: As a coach, I always want to fight hard, just like an athlete.


  Reporter: What was the biggest difficulty encountered in the first stage?


   Wu Jingui: The first time I encountered a game under the influence of the epidemic, everyone was in the same competition area. At the beginning, the weather was very hot, there was no more training time, and the schedule was intensive. In this case, a team with a relatively average strength and more available players will have an advantage. We are the team that came up in the first class, and the foundation is not very strong, especially when the foreign aid was not in place at the beginning, but at that time everyone worked hard and the technical and tactical concealment was better, and the opponent did not know us. After a few rounds, everyone is familiar with you. For some targeted matches, it is more difficult to arrange tactics, and it is more difficult to fight. I just want to make more targeted technical and tactical arrangements when the strength is not as good as the opponent. The players have worked harder to make up for it, and the effect is still good. Later, due to the intensive competition system, there were not many players that could be rotated, and some difficulties were encountered.


  Reporter: In the post-match press conference of the first stage, you used the word "moved" several times, mainly because of the players' fighting spirit.


   Wu Jingui: Indeed, I was touched by the players' fighting spirit and their ability to execute skills and tactics. I took over for a relatively short period of time. I came across a few strong teams. Both SIPG and Guoan’s foreign players are very strong. Our team participated in the Super League for the first time, but everyone worked hard. Every player was playing. During the process, I kept in mind the usual training content, and I was able to understand and comprehend it in a short time. I did a very good job. This kind of fighting spirit was especially touched by me. We ran more than our opponents in the previous few games.

吴金贵:的确,我为球员的战斗精神以及他们执行技巧和战术的能力所感动。我接管了相对较短的时间。我遇到了一些强大的团队。 SIPG和国安的外国公司都非常强大。我们的团队第一次参加了超级联赛,但大家都很努力。每个玩家都在玩。在此过程中,我牢记通常的培训内容,并且能够在很短的时间内理解和理解它。我做得很好我特别感动这种斗志。在之前的几场比赛中,我们跑得比对手还多。





   After the first stage, Qingdao Huanghai Qingg亚搏体育app登录ang, ranked 7th in Suzhou Division, will meet Guangzhou R&F, ranked 6th in Dalian Division, in the first round of the relegation competition. According to the original "evasion clause", full-back Zou Zheng, who was introduced from Guangzhou R&F before this season, missed this round of the series, which undoubtedly made Huanghai Qinggang's relegation battle more difficult.


  Reporter: Since taking over the Huanghai Qinggang team so far, what change do you most want to bring to the team?


Wu Jingui: I watched the warm-up match between the team and Shenhua during the preparation period. Indeed, each position has a gap compared with the Super League team, but there is no big difference between the players. This gap is achieved through hard training. It will shrink. After all, the competition is not based on one person, but on the overall team. In terms of the team’s situation, one game a week will be better. Continuous matches will definitely be more difficult. I have to change the original skills and tactics of the team.


  Reporter: In the first stage, several domestic players in the team performed well. Liu Jiashen, Zhu Jianrong, and Zhou Junchen were considered by the fans to have the ability to enter the national team. Do you agree?


Wu Jingui: They work very hard in the game and they have certain conditions to fight for it. I told them that every team may have a national player. Everyone can see your hard work, and the national coach can also watch it. Yes, they have not yet passed the test of the competition, but the league performance is not bad, but there are ups and downs. Of course, the recognition of the fans is also the recognition of the coaching staff, which will greatly help them improve their confidence, including the team's confidence.


Reporter: Many of the players in this team are players you have brought, such as Baali, Zhu Jianrong, Zhou Junchen, Wang Wei. These players also got a lot of opportunities in the first stage and performed well. How do you evaluate them? ?

记者:这支球队中很多球员都是您带来的球员,例如巴利,朱建荣,周俊臣,王伟。这些球员在第一阶段也获得了很多机会,并且表现出色。您如何评价它们? ?

Wu Jingui: As a coach, I definitely know the players I have taken. I am also very strict with them. They criticize more and demand stricter than other players. They perform very well, actively cooperate with their teammates, and are both offensive and defensive. The end helped the team.


  Reporter: The second stage of the game is just around the corner. In the first round against R&F, Zou Zheng couldn't appear because of the "evasion clause". How to make up for this vacancy?


Wu Jingui: The fans have also seen that during the first stage of the game, our two full-backs, Zou Zheng and Wang Wei, were injured together. At that time, they were very nervous about employing people. Now they encountered Zou Zheng’s “evasion clause”. To be honest, when Zou Zheng was first introduced, he definitely didn't expect to meet R&F in the second stage, so he could only find a way to make up for his inability to play on the basis of existing personnel.


  Reporter: There is a view that the average age of the Huanghai Qinggang team is relatively old, and the sooner it gets ashore during the relegation battle, the better. Do you agree with this view?


Wu Jingui: From the perspective of age structure, we are the second largest in the Chinese Super League, and our staff is relatively short. R&F is a veteran team, and the staff structure is stronger than ours, but the two teams play one or two games, not you We will definitely be able to defeat us. I have led the team to defeat a team that is stronger or even stronger than ourselves. We must build confidence and let the players know how to do it and fight for relegation.





   Huanghai Qinggang's most ey亚搏体育app登录e-catching player in the first stage is undoubtedly the foreign aid Roman Alexandrini, the Frenchman contributed 7 goals in 14 games. In the future relegation battle, if Huanghai Qinggang wants to go ashore, it must count on "Yali" to continue to play brilliantly. In addition, the two foreign aids Popovich and Radonic introduced by the team at the end of the first stage must also bear more responsibilities.


  Reporter: Alexandrini performed very well in the first stage of the game. Are you also surprised by his performance?


   Wu Jingui: I watched the second round match between Huang Hai and Yongchang. Roman scored two goals, very beautiful. He did not show this level in the preparation period. He is a player who can attract opponents to defend in the frontcourt. He feels very good in front of the goal. His role in the team is very important. When we chose the captain in training, we chose him as one of the team captains. It was also an incentive for him. He really led everyone. Not only did he do a good job on offense, but he did a good job on defense. He is the player who runs the most per game. Opponents fouled him more frequently and suffered injuries, including the red card penalty against China Fortune. It was a big blow to him and the team.


  Reporter: At the end of the first stage, we introduced the fifth foreign aid Popovich, including the sixth foreign aid Radonic who also appeared in the final game. They should be the strength we should rely on in the second stage, right?


   Wu Jingui: From the perspective of foreign aid, I definitely want foreign aid at the level of Oscar and Hulk, but we have to be realistic. Huang Hai just came up and needs time to improve, and he needs to understand what kind of players he needs. At present, Popovich and Radonic are very good in training and competition, especially the willingness to integrate into the team is very strong, to be able to enter this group and fight with teammates, our game requires 11 personalities. Fighting as a team, they including Minara will definitely play a role in the following games.


  Reporter: The outside world thinks that you are one of the few "academic" local coaches in the league. How do you view the confrontation between the local coach and the foreign coach on the stage of the Chinese Super League?


   Wu Jingui: Shenhua was the first team to introduce foreign coaches, but the best record in team history was brought out by two local coaches, coach Xu Genbao and me.


  Reporter: Although I led the team for more than two months in the game, I only returned to Qingdao at home some time ago. Are you used to living here? How do you plan for the future?


Wu Jingui: Qingdao is very beautiful. I have been here many times before. I really like the cultural environment here. I went to see some scenery in the past two days. Shandong is a hospitable town. I have many friends here. Said that I will miss it a lot when I leave here in the future.


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