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Every summer is a time for football fans, but it is also a sweet time for Chinese fans. More and more European clubs choose to come to China to start the preparation phase of the new season-to arrange a China tour and business competitions in order to give back to Chinese fans and open up the market.


This year, affected by the epidemic, many teams’ original plans to come to China failed to materialize. AC Milan Football Club chose to use its creativity and imagination to "meet" with Chinese fans online and hold a unique event. "Milan Online China Tour". In the past half a month, the cloud fan town built by Milan has attracted more than 300,000 visits, and tens of thousands of Rosenelli connect with Milan in the cloud every day.

今年,受这一流行病的影响,许多车队原定进入中国的亚搏体育直播视频计划未能实现。 AC米兰足球俱乐部选择利用其创造力和想象力与中国球迷在线“见面”并举办一次独特的活动。 “米兰在线中国之旅”。在过去的半个月中,米兰建造的云迷小镇吸引了超过30万人次的访问,每天都有成千上万的罗森内利(Rosenelli)通过云与米兰联系。

On August 25, the cloud fan town built by Milan was officially launched, bringing immersive digital experiences to millions of Chinese fans, allowing fans to communicate with first-team players, team legends and club officials across spaces Interaction: Dialogue with the team's famous players, take photos and sign; go to Milan landmarks to check in; immerse in exciting and creative games-these novel experiences are open to the fans one by one. Milan also used high-tech means to let the soldiers "learn" to greet the fans in authentic Chinese dialects. While shouting "almost believing", the fans also felt Milan's intentions to create content close to Chinese fans. ".

8月25日,由米兰建造的云迷小镇正式启动,为数百万的中国粉亚搏体育app登录丝带来了身临其境的数字体验,使粉丝可以跨空间亚搏体育直播视频与一线队球员,球队传奇人物和俱乐部官员进行交流互动:与球队著名球员的对话,拍照并签名;去米兰地标办理登机手续;沉浸在刺激性和创造力的游戏中-这些新颖的体验向粉丝们开放。米兰还使用高科技手段让士兵们“学习”以真实的中国方言迎接球迷。在大喊“几乎相信”的同时,球迷们也感受到了米兰创造与中国球迷接近的内容的意图。 ”。

In this online China trip, the official limited-time pop-up store also officially appeared. In order to make China's Rosenelli the best memories of this summer, Milan has specially customized a number of limited products for this event, and released them on multiple platforms: a beautiful and atmospheric long-handled umbrella with the Milan mascot Little Devil printed on the inside The exquisite and unique temperature-changing mug, which will show the special logo of this event after being filled with warm water-these products have been loved by Rosenner of China and have been bought by fans. It is worth mentioning that, in order to welcome the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, Milan specially launched a limited-edition gift box of moon cakes, allowing Chinese fans to have a good meal while playing in the cloud town. In addition, Milan carried out live broadcasts on Douyin and Weibo platforms, and the meticulous explanations and presentations won wide support from fans.

在此在线中国之旅中,官方限时弹出式商店也正式亮相。为了让Rosenelli成为今年夏天的美好回忆,米兰特别为此次活动定制了一些限量产品,并在多个平台上发布了它们:精美大气的长柄雨伞,上面印有米兰吉祥物Little Devil。内部精美独特的变温杯,装满温水后将显示本次活动的特殊徽标-这些产品深受中国Rosenner的喜爱,并被粉丝们购买。值得一提的是,为了迎接即将到来的中秋佳节,米兰特意推出了限量版月饼礼盒,让中国球迷在云城玩耍的同时还能享用一顿美餐。此外,米兰还在斗音和微博平台上进行了实况转播,其细致的解释和介绍得到了歌迷的广泛支持。

In this online China tour, Milan’s official partners have also settled in. Each sponsor has created an exclusive building in the virtual town for fans to experience-Rosenner can enjoy Puma Exclusive discounts for online China trips, access to EA Sports' latest FIFA games and special events, and chances to win drinks from Alpine Natural Water through a lottery.

在这次在线中国之旅中,米兰的官方合作伙伴也已入驻。每个赞助商都在虚拟城镇中创建了一座专属建筑物,以供粉丝们体验-罗森纳可以享受Puma Exclusive折扣,用于在线中国之旅,获得EA Sports最新的FIFA游戏和特别活动,并有机会通过抽奖从Alpine Natural Water中赢取饮料。

AC Milan Football Club Chief Revenue Officer Casper Stylsvig (Casper Stylsvig) talked about this event: "AC Milan Football Club has always attached great importance to communication with Chinese fans, although we cannot come due to the epidemic. To the Chinese fans, but relying on creative thinking and innovative technology, we sincerely interact with the Chinese fans in another way. The warm feedback from the fans also convinced me again that the love for the Rossoneri crosses national borders and is irrelevant. Thank you to all Chinese Rosenelli and all our partners. It is us who jointly created the first successful Milan online China tour in history."

AC米兰足球俱乐部首席营收官卡斯珀·斯蒂尔维格(Casper Stylsvig)谈到了这一事件:“ AC米兰足球俱乐部一向非常重视与中国球迷的交流,尽管由于这种流行而不能来。对中国球迷而言,但值得信赖在创意思维和创新技术方面,我们以另一种方式与中国粉丝进行了真诚的互动,粉丝们的热烈反馈也再次使我相信,对罗索内里的热爱跨越了国界,这是无关紧要的。感谢所有中国人Rosenelli和我们所有人是我们共同创造了历史上首次成功的米兰在线中国之旅。”

On September 17, the Milan summer trip, accompanied by AC Milan Football Club’s Weibo fans exceeded 3 million, came to a climax. The Cloud Fan Town specially set off fireworks to commemorate this historic moment. Rosenelli also came to the town and Weibo to upload photos of their bond moments with Milan, telling the story of them and Milan. During the ten years that Milan has been operating Chinese social media, Rosenelli's big family has continued to grow and grow. Fortunately, you are here in winter, spring, autumn and summer.


Many of the ideas of the "Milan Online China Tour" this summer created a precedent for football clubs. Although the AC Milan players failed to come to China due to the epidemic, the team still tried their best to bring the Chinese fans a constant and wonderful interactive experience. In this special period, Milan and China's Rosenelli still closely related. AC Milan Football Club is also looking forward to coming to Chinese fans as soon as possible when the epidemic subsides next year. Let us look forward to the warmth of spring when we meet next year!

今年夏天的“米兰在线中国之旅”的许多想法为足球俱乐部开创了先例。尽管AC米兰球员由于这种流行病未能来到中国,但车队仍然尽力为中国球迷带来持续而美妙的互动体验。在这个特殊时期,米兰与中国的罗森内利仍然紧密相关。 AC米兰足球俱乐部也期待明年流行病消退后尽快吸引中国球迷。明年见面时,让我们期待春天的温暖!

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