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"Van Dijk is very lucky. He is now in the Premier League without Drogba, Lampard, Alan Shearer, Henry, Rooney, Van Persie, Tevez, Adebayor and Diego Costa. . It’s no surprise that everyone calls him the best defender.” Bayern and Chelsea’s double-star Barack’s recent remarks caused an uproar. Many people joined the controversy, and those who questioned Barack thought it was thick. The views of the ancient and modern are suspected of elevating themselves. Those who support Ballack believe that this is indeed an era of the withering of outstanding forwards. Van Dyke is just sitting on the throne of the "World One Guard".

“范·迪克非常幸运。他现在在英超联赛中没有德罗巴,兰帕德,艾伦·希勒,亨利,鲁尼,范佩西,特维斯,阿德巴约和迭戈·科斯塔。不足为奇的是,每个人都称他为最佳后卫。”拜仁和切尔西的双星巴拉克最近的言论引起了轩然大波,许多人加入了争论,对巴拉克提出质疑的人认为这是很厚道的,人们怀疑古代和现代的观点在提升自己,支持巴拉克的人则认为这是事实。确实是一个出色的前锋衰落的时代Van Dyke只是坐在“世界一号后卫”的宝座上。

In the past ten years, the achievements of Messi and Ronaldo have shocked the past. The strikers of their generation not only missed the highest personal honor, but also suffered from the public opinion that "the present is not as good as the past". Since Ballack’s campaign in the Premier League, modern football has undergone drastic changes. Centers and central defenders at both ends of the formation have been given new roles. There are certain differences between their styles and their predecessors. It is necessary to find out which one is better. not easy.


During Ballack's four seasons in Britain, the structure of the Premier League has undergone drastic changes. The influx of Jin Yuan forces and the acceleration of the "Westernization" process have gradually gathered a group of the best forwards in the world. Ballack is fortunate to work with forwards such as Drogba, Anelka and Shevchenko. He has faced Henry, Van Persie, Rooney, Tevez, Torres, Adebayor and others in the league, and he is on the stage of the Champions League. He has also played against Eto'o, Villa, Piero, Trezeguet, Milito and others. It is a testimony to the age of the gods belonging to the striker, and he has a certain degree of the current "debate between ancient and modern". say.


In the 2006/07 season when Ballack landed in the Premier League, Alan Shearer, the top scorer in Premier League history, has retired. In his 18-year Premier League career, Alan Shearer has maintained a scoring efficiency of 0.59 goals per game. Considering that his team is not top in most seasons, it is not easy to achieve such a scoring efficiency.

在2006/07赛季,当巴拉克(Balack)登陆英超联赛时,英超联赛历史上最佳射手艾伦·希勒(Alan Shearer)退休了。在他18年的英超联赛生涯中,艾伦·希勒(Alan Shearer)场均得分效率保持在0.59个进球。考虑到他的球队在大多数赛季中都不是顶尖的,要获得如此高的得分效率并不容易。

Hiller's influence in his peak period is not limited to the Premier League. Although he has not participated in many European wars and intercontinental competitions, his every trip to European wars will not disappoint. Shearer has won the Europa League top scorer twice (2003/04 and 2004/05). He scored 6 goals in 10 Champions League matches in a single season and 5 goals in the 1996 European Cup. In the Jubilee European Cup group match, he scored the only goal in the game when facing the German team. This campaign also ended the Three Lions’ 34-year history of invincible virtues, and its scoring ability in key events should not be underestimated.

希勒在巅峰时期的影响力不仅限于英超。尽管他没有参加过许多欧洲战争和洲际比赛,但他每次参加欧洲战争的旅程都不会令人失望。 Shearer两次(2003/04和2004/05)赢得了欧洲联赛最佳射手。在一个赛季的10场冠军联赛比赛中,他攻入6球,在1996年欧洲杯中,他攻入5球。在禧年欧洲杯小组赛中,他面对德国队时打进了比赛中唯一的进球。该运动也结束了三狮军团34年无敌美德的历史,其在关键事件中的得分能力不容小under。

Later in his career, Shearer handed Henry the name of the Premier League’s top striker. Henry's Premier League goals averaged 0.69 goals per game, averaging 1 goal in 121 minutes. At the same time, Ruud van Nistelrooy was nicknamed the king of the small penalty area, and his scoring efficiency (128 minutes/goal) was almost the same as that of the Frenchman. Rooney, the leader of the second-generation Red Goblin, needed two games to score 1 goal. Henry has outstanding assists (74 times in his Premier League career) and put a lot of energy on the offensive organization, which to some extent affected his scoring efficiency.

希勒在职业生涯的后期,将亨利(Henry)授予英超顶级前锋的名字。亨利的英超联赛进球平均每场0.69球,平均每121分钟进球1球。同时,鲁德·范·尼斯特鲁伊(Ruud van Nistelrooy)被昵称为小禁区之王,他的得分效率(128分钟/进球)几乎与法国人相同。第二代Red Goblin的领导者鲁尼需要两场比赛才能打入1球。亨利有出色的助攻(他在英超联赛中74次),并且在进攻组织上投入了大量精力,这在一定程度上影响了他的得分效率。

Because of the heavy tactical load and unable to focus on scoring, there are Van Persie (140 minutes/ball) and Suarez (138 minutes/ball). After the two left, the Premier League has emerged a group of shooters who can take on a variety of tactical tasks and are very efficient. These include Kane (113 minutes/ball) who organizes and scores, and can act as a fulcrum on the side. Salah (109 minutes/goal), and Aguero (107 minutes/goal) who changed his style under Guardiola. In the same period, three "Henry-like" characters appeared. The forwards of the new era do not look inferior to their predecessors, but tend to be blue.


Compared with the overwhelming juniors, Torres' peak period seems a bit short. His scoring rate in Liverpool's first three seasons reached an astonishing 0.7 goals per game. Annoying injuries interrupted his stardom. Torres has scored in all competitions he has participated in, but his scoring efficiency is not high, and his best performance in Liverpool was only 22%. Diego Costa's efficiency at his peak (2013-2016) was 0.64 goals per game. In addition to being troubled by injuries, the Spaniard wasted too much time on low-level teams at the beginning of his debut. In addition to his outstanding performance in the 2013/14 UEFA Champions League (9 games/8 goals), Diego Costa lacked bright spots in the European Championships and the Intercontinental Games. The 2014/15 UEFA Champions League 7 games and 0 goals data can be called The biggest black spot in his career.

与压倒性的大三学生相比,托雷斯的高峰期似乎有点短。他在利物浦前三个赛季的得分率达到了惊人的0.7场比赛。恼人的伤痛打断了他的明星。托雷斯(Torres)在他参加的所有比赛中都得分,但是他的得分效率并不高,他在利物浦的最佳表现只有22%。迭戈·科斯塔在他的巅峰时期(2013-2016)的效率是每场比赛0.64个进球。西班牙人除了受到伤病困扰外,在出道初期就在低水平的球队上浪费了太多时间。除了在2013/14年度欧洲冠军联赛中的出色表现(9场/ 8球)之外,迭戈·科斯塔还缺少欧洲锦标赛和洲际运动会的亮点。 2014/15年度欧洲冠军联赛的7场比赛和0进球的数据可以称为他职业生涯中最大的黑点。

Unlike the "foreign war layman" Diego Costa, Kane's performance in the European war is phenomenal. Kane has scored 20 goals in the Champions League and he completed this output in only 24 games, which is second to none in the history of the Champions League. In addition to frantically brushing data in the European war, Kane was also very efficient when representing the Three Lions (45 games and 32 goals). Rooney (the national team's 120 games and 53 goals) once said: "I am not a natural shooter, sooner or later Kane Will exceed my record."


In addition to Aguero, Kane and Salah who have always appeared in the Champions League, there are many outstanding strikers in the Premier League. Kane’s Derby opponent Aubameyang has always been known for his high efficiency. His scoring efficiency in the Bundesliga was 0.68 goals per game. This figure became 0.65 goals per game after he came to the Premier League. In the middle of the season, he suddenly moved to another high-level league with a different style, but his scoring efficiency was barely affected. Aubameyang's strength is evident. Few people will include Aubameyang in the ranking of the world's top strikers, but almost no one denies the Gabonese striker's talent in "scoring".


In his peak season (2016/17), Aubameyang’s shooting conversion rate reached a staggering 27%. In the games that have ended this season, Aubameyang’s shooting conversion rate was 26%. Stability is amazing. In contrast, Salah's shooting conversion rate this season is only 16%, and his peak season's value is only 22%. During Guardiola's tenure, Aguero's offensive efficiency has improved a lot. He can get one goal for every four shots this season, which is the peak of his career in more than ten years. Kane reached this level in the 2016/17 season. Affected by injuries and tactics, the efficiency of the Tottenham center has declined in the past two seasons, but it can still be maintained at about 20%.


As Aubameyang's "confidante" in the Bundesliga, Lewandowski reached the peak of his state this season (averaging more than 1 goal per game), but the Polish shot conversion rate was only 21.8%. Drogba, who is highly respected by Ballack, can be called the representative star of the "Era of the Gods", but even in the peak season (2009/10), the conversion rate of Ivorian shots did not exceed 20% (16%).

作为奥巴梅扬在德甲联赛中的“红颜知己”,勒万多夫斯基本赛季达到了自己州的顶峰(平均每场超过1个进球),但波兰人的射门转换率仅为21.8%。受到巴拉克(Balack)推崇的德罗巴(Drogba)可被称为“众神时代”的代表星,但即使在旺季(2009/10),科特迪瓦射门的转换率也没有超过20%(16%) )。

In recent years, perhaps only Diego Costa's performance (26%) in the "Mu Second" summit season can rival Aubameyang. As Aubameyang's predecessor, Van Persie in his peak season at Arsenal only 17% of his shots were converted into goals. In the season that helped Manchester United reach the Premier League, this value was only 18%. Van Persie represented Manchester United and Arsenal in 65 European games and scored 27 goals. Aubameyang has recorded 34 goals in 60 games in the past seven seasons.

近年来,也许只有迭戈·科斯塔(Diego Costa)在“ Mu Second”峰会季节的表现(26%)才能与奥巴梅扬匹敌。作为奥巴梅扬(Aubameyang)的前任,范佩西(Van Persie)在阿森纳(旺季)的巅峰时期,只有17%的射门被转化为进球。在帮助曼联晋级英超的赛季中,这一价值仅为18%。范佩西代表曼联和阿森纳参加65场欧洲比赛,打进27球。在过去的七个赛季中,奥巴梅扬(Aubameyang)在60场比赛中取得了34个进球。

In the face of Barack’s doubts, Red Army star Steve Nicol stood up to block guns for the juniors: “I’m curious about what aspects of Barack’s dissatisfaction with Van Dyke’s ability. Bar? If Drogba and Van Dyke play against him, he would be wonderful, but don’t tell me Drogba can crush Van Dyck physically. I don’t remember anyone breaking through Van Dyck’s defense, whether in the Premier League. Or in the Champions League. Can Van Dijk pass the ball? Of course he can." Nicole’s words are very informative. He thinks Van Dijk can do his job like an old-school central defender, and he has this era. The required passing and offensive organization skills. In short, Van Dyke is a defender who can get through "ancient and modern" in his eyes.


Van Dijk and Drogba have no chance to play against each other. The Dutchman's opponents in the Premier League are Kane, Jimenez and Jesus, the No. 9 player who is very different from his predecessors. From Ballack's campaign in the Premier League to Van Dyck's growth into the "World One Guard", modern football has undergone drastic changes in the past ten years. Ball control tactics and oppressive style of play are popular. Running ability and space competition have become more and more important. Players' functions and styles have changed in various positions. The forwards at the top of the formation have begun to pay attention to the "side" and "back". "Development, the classical center with the penalty zone as its territory and scoring as its own responsibility can only live in a corner.

范迪克(Van Dijk)和德罗巴(Drogba)没有机会互相对抗。荷兰人在英超联赛中的对手是凯恩,希门尼斯和耶稣,他们是第九名,与前任大相径庭。从巴拉克(Balack)在英超联赛中的竞选到范戴克(Van Dyck)成长为“世界一号后卫”(World One Guard),现代足球在过去十年中发生了巨大变化。控球战术和压迫性打法很受欢迎。跑步能力和太空竞争变得越来越重要。玩家的功能和风格在各个位置都发生了变化。编队顶部的前锋已经开始注意“边”和“后”。 “发展中,以罚球区为领土,以得分为己任的古典中心只能生活在一个角落。

As Van Dyke followed the Red Army to the top of Europe, Kane, who had returned hastily, became the background board. Since the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League round of 16 as a guest at Juventus, Kane's scoring rate in the strong dialogue (including the World Cup) began to decline sharply. Pochettino and Southgate both focus on developing Kane’s all-round attributes. The midfielders of Tottenham and the Three Lions can control the situation well when facing weak teams. When facing strong teams, Kane needs Taking on the tasks of organizing more connections, suppressing the line of defense, and creating space for the back-queuing friends, it is the end of the fight when it comes to the door, and it has lost the sense of smell and sensitivity that a shooter should have.

范·戴克(Van Dyke)跟随红军登上欧洲之巅时,匆匆返回的凯恩(Kane)成为了背景委员会。自从2017/18赛季欧洲冠军联赛第16轮作为尤文图斯客串嘉宾以来,凯恩在激烈对话(包括世界杯)中的得分率开始急剧下降。 Pochettino和Southgate都致力于开发Kane的全面属性。当面对弱队时,热刺和三狮队的中场球员可以很好地控制局势。面对强大的团队时,凯恩需要承担组织更多人脉,压制防御线并为后排好友创造空间的任务,这是战斗的尽头,而失败了射手应该具有的嗅觉和敏感性。

Kane's situation is by no means an exception, many all-around No. 9 players have certain signs of weakness in the competition. Before his stay at Stamford Bridge, Lewandowski had failed to score in 7 consecutive Champions League knockout matches. Benzema could only win in one or two Champions League knockout matches for several years. Suarez could not even reach the group stage. The point of the goal.


Frequent fights with midfielders, and after entering the penalty area, he has to pave the way for his teammates and have to give up some "iron and blood" elements in order to improve the skills and mobility of his feet. The fact that the forwards of the new era are so "not doing their jobs properly" does not mean that the work of the central defenders will be easy. The vacancies left by the No. 9 player are often filled by more impactful wingers and B2B midfielders. The defensive players in the center face greater challenges. pressure. In the past, Nesta was tortured by Montella, but now Van Dyke can frequently stage a good show of "one defense and two". The view that "the present is not as good as the past" is obviously untenable.

他经常与中场打架,进入禁区后,他必须为队友铺平道路,并且必须放弃一些“铁血”元素,以提高双脚的技巧和灵活性。新时代的前锋如此“无法正确地完成工作”这一事实并不意味着中央捍卫者的工作将很容易。 9号球员留下的空缺经常被更有影响力的边锋和B2B中场填补。中锋的防守球员面临更大的挑战。压力。过去,内斯塔(Nesta)受蒙泰拉(Montella)的酷刑折磨,但现在范戴克(Van Dyke)可以经常上演一场精彩的表演,“一场防线两场”。 “现在不如过去”的观点显然站不住脚。

The style of excellent forwards is changing, and the size of this group seems to be shrinking. Ballack has witnessed the decline, revival and prosperity of German football. In this process, the German youth training system has undergone a top-down reform. Technical football has been valued, while some elements representing traditional Germanic chariots have gradually Disappeared, the former center position of superstars and prosperous talents appeared in the situation of withered talents.


After the tactical bonus brought by Klose's continuous evolution disappeared, the 9th position became one of the weakest links in the German team. In the 2016 European Cup, Loew successively used three centers, Gomez, Gotze and Mueller, but none of them achieved the expected results. In the following year's Confederations Cup, the German team won the championship with a non-forward led by Styndell. The midfielder missed the 2018 World Cup due to injury. The Germanic chariot, who lost plan B, overturned in the summer of Russia.


The German team lacks a good center, which was unimaginable many years ago. After the glorious period from 2008 to 2012, Germany's “model” Spain also has the problem of “weakness”. After Van Persie and Robben fade out, the Netherlands can only rely on Depay, Bellevin and Babel. Portugal needs Cristiano Ronaldo to play center in some games. The top three in South America, which has always been a strong forward, have also failed to meet. Zhixia even had to use a third-rate forward like Fred. Among the big powers, it seems that only France, England and Belgium have more outstanding forwards, but the performance of Kane and Lukaku in the competition seems to be far from people's expectations.

德国队缺乏出色的中锋,这在很多年前是无法想象的。在经历了2008年至2012年的辉煌时期之后,德国的“榜样”西班牙也面临着“软弱”的问题。范佩西(Van Persie)和罗本(Robben)退任后,荷兰只能依靠Depay,Bellevin和Babel。葡萄牙需要克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多在某些比赛中扮演中锋。一直以来都是强势前锋的南美前三名也未能实现。知夏甚至不得不使用弗雷德这样的三流前锋。在大国中,似乎只有法国,英格兰和比利时拥有更出色的前锋,但凯恩和卢卡库在比赛中的表现似乎远未达到人们的预期。

In the process of Klopp leading the rise of the Red Army, Van Dijk’s joining was a milestone event. As such, the phenomenon of greatly improving a team’s offensive and defensive capabilities in a short period of time on his own has been very important in recent years. Rare things. Inspired by their competitors, many giant teams have spent the past year or so to purchase central defenders, such as Lucas Hernandez, De Ligt, Maguire, Millitang, Laporte and Hummels changed doors successively.


"The whole world is looking for a good central defender. Everyone is using unlimited resources to find a central defender. However, it is not easy to find another central defender. Defense is a lost art." Wenger is retiring. Qian's remarks can be described as loud and loud, he seems to have anticipated this round of central defenders' migration in advance.


"The current Premier League is indeed better than when I first played in the Premier League in 1992, but the quality of defense is declining. My era was over in the 2009/10 season. It was the last season that focused on defensive training. Players, the coach moved in another direction after that. The standard was also declining. If a full-back in my era missed a cross, it would be a crime. No one cares about it now. Our youth academy coaches back then, 60% to 70% of training time is spent on defense, and the current youth academy coach confirmed to me that now only 20% of the time is reserved for defensive training. "Gary Neville is an average coach, but as a commentator. But it is insightful.

“目前的英超联赛确实比我1992年首次参加英超联赛时要好,但是防守质量却在下降。我的时代已经过去了2009/10赛季。这是最后一个专注于防守训练的赛季。球员,教练此后向另一个方向发展,标准也在下降,如果我那个时代的后卫错过十字架,那将是犯罪,现在没人在乎了,那时我们的青年学院教练是60岁%到70%的培训时间都花在了国防上,现在的青年学院教练向我证实,现在只有20%的时间用于防御训练。“加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)是一名普通教练,但作为评论员。但这是有见地的。

The defense of the new era tends to be integrated and predictive, and more and more use of oppression and grabbing, the concept of man-to-man defense is weakened, and traditional defense art is lost. The changes in the rules also restricted the guards' hands and feet. The fast pace of the game greatly released the offensive firepower of the frontcourt players and helped them obtain better data. The pervasive intelligence work and pre-match analysis magnified the weaknesses of the players. Defensive players are always passive in the duel, and their pressure can be imagined.


The new generation of central defenders generally pursue foot skills, but their defensive skills are not very strong. Without the protection of the system and the help of teammates, they become extremely fragile and full of loopholes, making it difficult to withstand the impact of excellent forwards. David Luiz, a central defender who is contrary to the traditional British style, can return to the Premier League and make achievements again, which is enough to show that the Premier League in the new era has long been replaced with a new look. The contemporary "Terry" of Ballack may be more and more. Less.

新一代的中后卫一般都追求脚步技术,但是他们的防守技术却不是很强。没有系统的保护和队友的帮助,他们变得非常脆弱,到处都是漏洞,使他们难以承受优秀前锋的冲击。与英国传统风格背道而驰的中央后卫戴维·亚搏体育app登录路易斯(David Luiz)可以重返英超并再次取得成就,这足以表明新时代的英超早已被新面貌所取代。当代的巴拉克“特里”可能越来越多。减。

The valuable thing about Van Dijk is that he awakens people's memories of old-school defenders, which is especially respected in the traditional Premier League. Players of the older generation have a "mysterious halo", the media can easily complete the god-making movement, and the advantages and disadvantages of players in the new era can easily be infinitely magnified on the Internet. The previous generation of top central defenders Nesta, Stam, Cannavaro, Thuram and Vidic were completely destroyed by opponents. If they live in this era of advanced social media, can they stand it? It is hard to say that the flood of questioning and ridicule of the public opinion. Van Dijk rarely has the experience of being completely suppressed by top forwards, and he has also created a brilliant record that has not been seen in 17 months. His ability can at least reach the height of shoulders with his predecessors.

范·迪克(Van Dijk)的宝贵之处在于,他唤醒了人们对守旧派后卫的记忆,这在传统的英超联赛中尤其受到尊重。老一辈的玩家具有“神秘的光环”,媒体可以轻松完成造神运动,而新时代玩家的优缺点可以在互联网上轻松地无限放大。上一届顶级中央后卫内斯塔,斯塔姆,卡纳瓦罗,图拉姆和维迪奇被对手彻底摧毁。如果他们生活在这个先进的社交媒体时代,他们能忍受吗?很难说,公众舆论的质疑和嘲弄泛滥。范·迪克(Van Dijk)很少有被前锋完全压制的经历,并且他还创造了辉煌的战绩,这是17个月来从未见过的。他的能力至少可以和他的前任相提并论。

In today's increasingly fierce competition for space, it is difficult for someone to exist apart from the collective. Everyone is busy evolving to the all-round fighter. The play style and living environment of the forward and the central defender have undergone major changes, and the confrontation between the two is also different from the past. The players of the new era have been branded with a distinct era, and they are not comparable to those masters in parallel time and space.


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