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A 7-2 victory allowed Liverpool to successfully advance to the next round in the League Cup. Exciting scenes, wonderful goals, constantly refreshed records, coupled with a lot of data that makes Liverpool fans pleased, are destined to make this 90 minutes leave a strong mark in the history of the League Cup.


When was the last time Liverpool played against Lincoln City? In the distant 1960-61 season, at that time, the great Sir Shankly had just taken over the Red Army shortly after, he was preparing to lead the team from the old British second to the first. As a result, in the league's home and away two rounds that season, Lincoln City was double-killed. In the following story, we all know that the Red Army ushered in a flourishing dynasty.


What about this duel? For Klopp and his Liverpool, there are enough details to be interesting:


[Video: League Cup-Takumi Minano 2 shots 1 pass Jones double shot Lincoln City 2-7 Liverpool]


1. Grujic, who started the game, was the first signing since Klopp took over the Reds. After 1496 days, he finally scored the first goal of the Red Army career, which is embarrassing;

自从克洛普接任红军以来,开始比赛的格鲁吉克是第一个签约球员。 1496天之后,他终于打进了红军职业生涯的第一个进球,这令人尴尬。

2. In this game, while the two new aids Zimikas and Diego Jota ushered in their debut, a group of young Liverpool players also got the opportunity to prove themselves to Klopp. In the end, Curtis Jones became the player with the most shots in the game (5 shots and 3 hits in the range of the goal frame), harvested 2 curveball world waves, and beat Nanno Takumi to get the best award of the game;

2.在这场比赛中,两个新的助教齐米卡斯和迭戈·乔塔迎来了他们的处子秀,一群年轻的利物浦球员也有机会向克洛普证明自己。最后,柯蒂斯·琼斯(Curtis Jones)成为了比赛中射门次数最多的球员(在射门得分范围内射亚搏体育app登录门5球,命中3球),亚搏体育app登录收获了2条弯道世界波,击败了Nanno Takumi获得了最佳游戏奖;

3. The Super Koi Origi of the previous season, Shaqiri, who has not been reused, and Takumi Minano who needs further adaptation, all started the game and scored goals. From Shaqiri’s unsolvable free kick to Nanno’s wonderful world wave, to Origi’s burst shot, the scene is smooth and comfortable;

3.上个赛季的超级锦鲤起源,尚未重用的Shaqiri和需要进一步适应的Takumi Minano都开始了比赛并进球。从Shaqiri无法解开的任意球到Nanno精彩的世界浪潮,再到Origi的连亚搏体育直播视频拍,整个场景流畅而舒适。

4. Liverpool's substitute defense line without Van Dijk is still not so stable. Facing a low-level team like Lincoln City, the goal was penetrated twice (both after Van Dijk was replaced in the second half). The young central defender R-Williams, who played for the first team for the first time, was next to Van Dijk. The performance was fair, but he made a series of mistakes in the second half. And last weekend, Werner's Fabinho had just successfully restricted Werner's. Substitute Van Dijk did not perform well after his debut.

4.没有范迪克的利物浦替补防守线仍然不稳定。面对像林肯城这样的低水平球队,进球两次被击穿(两次都是在下半场范迪克被替换之后)。年轻的中央后卫R-威廉姆斯(R-Williams)首次为一线队效力,紧随范·迪克(Van Dijk)。表现还算不错,但是下半场他犯了一系列错误。上周末,维尔纳的法比尼奥(Fabinho)刚刚成功限制了维尔纳的。范·迪克(Van Dijk)出场后表现不佳。

Although the opponent's strength is limited, although the opponent scored two goals, the significance of a big victory is still extremely positive:


For example, the substitute Trident, who scored 4 goals together, began to find himself in actual combat, and Jota, who came off the bench, also completed his first show and contributed a very threatening shot in a limited time. These four people may bring more changes to Liverpool's extremely solid attack line;


For another example, Liverpool showed terrifying long-range guidance in this game, with 4 of the 7 goals coming from outside the penalty area. The last English team that could score 4 or more long-range goals in the game was Manchester United. They slaughtered Roma 7-1 in the second round of the UEFA Champions League knockout round in the 06-07 season.


After the game, Klopp praised the performance of the players on the stage, describing the game as "pleasing to the eye", and using "regular starting-like performance" to define the substitute players on the stage. Everything is thriving. After all, seeing the benches in such excellent form early in the season, Klopp can rest assured playing Aquarius on the coaching bench.


(Boiling water has no temperature)


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