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I am Taotao. It's the crazy little psychosis that many people say. A small operation of the Arsenal flagship store just started. But in my 22-year personal label, I was first a girl and then a gun fan. I have been watching Arsenal since 2009. I have not experienced the 0304 undefeated season, nor have I seen Ian Wright's momentum. For so many years, except for trophies like the FA Cup and Charity Shield, I don't know what league trophies, the Champions League or even the Europa League look like. But I just know that all I have to do is to love this team silently. Firmly support Arsenal. Be a qualified gun fan. Yesterday’s game I knew that it was a big blow to many people and made many people feel very disappointed. Even today I saw several colleagues who were also listless. But I want to say that we are gunmen. Can you cheer up? We did experience a failure, a failure that we thought should not have been. But before the game, who can guarantee that we will definitely win? The reason why football is the number one sport in the world. It is because there is a great unknown, which makes countless people obsessed and crazy. This is the charm of football! Also, gun fans. We should recognize our positioning, Arsenal is indeed one of the big6. But every real giant team has to go through peaks and troughs, and only a peak team does not exist. Our arsenal is undergoing reconstruction, but other teams are also developing. Do we require that the speed of rebuilding must be completed within one year, one season, or even one game? In the past few years, we have gone from having no championship to failing to enter the Champions League, or even barely making the Europa League. To win two championships in a month at the beginning of the season. This is also progress. Can you be more positive? What's more, this is the 8th round, there are 30 rounds, and the winter transfer window. I believe that at this moment, it is the players and coaches in front that are more stressed. Whether or not they just think it is a job. But I believe that the blood of athletes tells them that they need to win and they need to stand up again. As fans, we can criticize them. But we must give them confidence and encourage them! Don't be depressed, don't be depressed. Every one of us has grown up from childhood to adulthood, growing up little by little from a baby wh亚搏体育app登录o can't even crawl, let alone such a big club? Come on, I believe we will stand up again! Come on, I believe we will return to the top! Come on, I believe the sun is always after the storm! Come on you Gunners!

我是涛涛。许多人说这是一种疯狂的小精神病。阿森纳旗舰店的一小部分业务刚刚开始。但是在我22年的个人唱片公司中,我最初是一个女孩,然后是一个枪迷。自2009年以来,我一直在观看阿森纳。我还没有经历过0304不败的赛季,也没有看到伊恩·赖特(Ian Wright)的势头。这么多年来,除了足总杯和慈善盾牌之类的奖杯,我都不知道联赛奖杯,冠军联赛甚至欧罗巴联赛是什么样子。但是我只知道我要做的就是默默地爱这个团队。坚决支持阿森纳。成为合格的枪迷。 昨天的比赛中,我知道这对很多人来说是很大的打击,并使很多人感到非常失望。即使在今天,我也看到了几位同样精疲力尽的同事。但是我想说我们是枪手。你能振作起来吗?我们确实经历了失败,这是我们认为不应该发生的失败。但是在比赛开始之前,谁能保证我们一定会赢?足球成为世界第一体育的原因。这是因为有一个巨大的未知数,这使无数人迷恋和疯狂。这就是足球的魅力! 还有,枪迷。我们应该认识到我们的定位,阿森纳确实是六巨头之一。但是,每个真正的巨型团队都必须经历高峰和低谷,而只有一支高峰团队不存在。我们的武器库正在进行重建,但其他团队也在发展。我们是否要求重建速度必须在一年,一个季节甚至一场比赛之内完成?在过去的几年中,我们从没有冠军到未能进入欧洲冠军联赛,甚至勉强进入欧罗巴联赛。在赛季初的一个月内赢得两个冠军。这也是进步。你能更积极一点吗?更重要的是,这是第8轮,有30轮,还有冬季转会窗口。我相信,此时此刻,面对更多压力的是球员和教练。他们是否只是认为这是一份工作。但是我相信运动员的鲜血告诉亚搏体育app登录他们,他们需要获胜,并且需要再次站起来。作为粉丝,我们可以批评他们。但是我们必须给他们信心并鼓励他们! 不要沮丧,不要沮丧。我们每个人都从童亚搏体育直播视频年到成年,都从一个甚至不能爬行的婴儿逐渐成长,更不用说这么大的俱乐部了?来吧,我相信我们会再次站起来!来吧,我相信我们会回到顶峰!来吧,我相信太阳总是在暴风雨之后!加油!

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